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A Letter to our Readers

Without a doubt, Latinos, commonly known as Hispanics, have found in the City of Lynn a better place to live, work, and invest.
A home: where we sleep, we eat, we accomplish our responsibilities by paying our taxes, a home where we are raising and integrating our children.
An education: where the new Latino-Americans generations are attending and in a near future will be the new politicians and professionals of this society.
A garden: where every single Latino should embrace and take care of the beauty in this city.
We truly are a community that is progressive, but we are also aware that crime rates are high, as well as gangs and extortions. For this reason, we have to reflect about where we are heading as a Latino community within the city and for the city.
So this is why, with a lot of enthusiasm and in an effort to show our social contribution, the American Latino Committee was born in the need to represent more actively the Latino populations in the city through different spheres.
The ALC, American Latino Committee, is made up of local long time Lynn residents from El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Uruguay and Guatemala with responsibility, engagement and social contribution, as well as with economic and political force. Some are experienced in different organizations and others with the desire to participate and bring about a better social contribution to the City.
The American Latino Committee would like to invite ALL the residents of the City of Lynn to know, more about our integration and Culture.


American Latino Committee

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